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dns - Query the Domain Name System of the Internet. _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
The dns command allows to query the Internet Domain Name System (DNS) (RFC 1034, RFC 1035, RFC 974, RFC 1912) for host information. The main purpose of this command is to convert host names into IP addresses and vice versa. The dns command also allows to retrieve host infor- mation records as well as mail exchanger records. DNS COMMAND
dns [options] Invoking the dns command with options but without any command arguments allows to retrieve and change the default values. See the description of supported options below. Default values are bound to a Tcl interpreter which allows to have multiple Tcl interpreter with different defaults. dns [options] address host The dns address command sends a query to retrieve the address record for the specified host. The command returns the list of IP addresses for the given host name. dns [options] name address The dns name command sends a query to retrieve the domain name pointer record. A pointer record maps an IP address to a fully quali- fied domain name (FQDN). The command returns the fully qualified domain name for the given IP address. dns [options] hinfo name The dns hinfo command sends a query to retrieve the host information record. The command returns a list containing two elements. The first element describes the hardware type and the second element the operating system. dns [options] mx name The dns mx command sends a query to retrieve the mail exchanger record. The command returns a list of mail exchanger records if name is a domain name for which one or more MX records exist. Each element of this list contains a full qualified domain name (FQDN) and its priority. dns [options] soa name The dns soa command sends a query to retrieve the start of authority record for a DNS domain. The command returns the name of the authoritative DNS server of the DNS domain name. DNS OPTIONS
-server server The -server option defines the DNS server which will be used to process the request. The default value is the default DNS server configured on the local system. -timeout time The -timeout option defines the time the dns command will wait for a response. The time is defined in seconds with a default of 2 seconds. -retries number The -retries option defines how many times a request is retransmitted during the timeout interval. The default number of retries is 2. Please note, that many resolver double the last timeout after every retry. SEE ALSO
scotty(1), Tnm(n), Tcl(n) AUTHORS
Erik Schoenfelder <schoenfr@gaertner.de> Juergen Schoenwaelder <schoenw@cs.utwente.nl> Tnm dns(n)

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