delete directory(1m)													      delete directory(1m)

delete directory - Deletes a directory SYNOPSIS
cdscp delete directory directory-name ARGUMENTS
The full name of the directory. DESCRIPTION
The delete directory command deletes a directory. The directory cannot contain any object entries, soft links, or child pointers. The master replica must be the only remaining replica in the cell. Use the delete replica command if you need to remove read-only replicas. Privilege Required You must have delete permission to the directory and write permission to the clearinghouse that stores the master replica of the directory. The server principal needs administer permission to the parent directory or delete permission to the child pointer that points to the directory you intend to delete. NOTE
This command is replaced at Revision 1.1 by the dcecp command and may not be provided in future releases of DCE. EXAMPLE
The following command deletes the directory /.:/eng from the namespace: cdscp> delete directory /.:/eng RELATED INFORMATION
Commands: create directory(1m), delete replica(1m), list directory(1m), set directory(1m), set directory to skulk(1m), show directory(1m) delete directory(1m)