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DDRESCUELOG(1)							   User Commands						    DDRESCUELOG(1)

ddrescuelog - tool for ddrescue logfiles SYNOPSIS
ddrescuelog [options] logfile DESCRIPTION
GNU ddrescuelog - Tool for ddrescue logfiles. Manipulates ddrescue logfiles, shows their contents, converts them to/from other formats, compares them, and tests rescue status. OPTIONS
-h, --help display this help and exit -V, --version output version information and exit -a, --change-types=<ot>,<nt> change the block types of a logfile -b, --block-size=<bytes> block size in bytes [default 512] -c, --create-logfile[=<tt>] create logfile from list of blocks [+-] -d, --delete-if-done delete the logfile if rescue is finished -D, --done-status return 0 if rescue is finished -f, --force overwrite existing output files -i, --input-position=<bytes> starting position of rescue domain [0] -l, --list-blocks=<types> print block numbers of given types (?*/-+) -m, --domain-logfile=<file> restrict domain to finished blocks in file -n, --invert-logfile invert block types (finished <-> others) -o, --output-position=<bytes> starting position in output file [ipos] -p, --compare-logfile=<file> compare block types in domain of both files -q, --quiet suppress all messages -s, --max-size=<bytes> maximum size of rescue domain to be processed -t, --show-status show a summary of logfile contents -v, --verbose be verbose (a 2nd -v gives more) -x, --xor-logfile=<file> XOR the finished blocks in file with logfile -y, --and-logfile=<file> AND the finished blocks in file with logfile -z, --or-logfile=<file> OR the finished blocks in file with logfile Numbers may be followed by a multiplier: b = blocks, k = kB = 10^3 = 1000, Ki = KiB = 2^10 = 1024, M = 10^6, Mi = 2^20, G = 10^9, Gi = 2^30, etc... REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs to Ddrescue home page: General help using GNU software: COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2012 Antonio Diaz Diaz. License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <> This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law. ddrescuelog 1.16 June 2012 DDRESCUELOG(1)

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