xdiff_file_bdiff_size - Read a size of file created by applying a binary diff

int xdiff_file_bdiff_size (string $file) DESCRIPTION
Returns a size of a result file that would be created after applying binary patch from file $file to the original file. PARAMETERS
o $file - The path to the binary patch created by xdiff_string_bdiff(3) or xdiff_string_rabdiff(3) function. RETURN VALUES
Returns the size of file that would be created. EXAMPLES
Example #1 xdiff_file_bdiff_size(3) example The following code applies reads a size of file that would be created after applying a binary diff. <?php $length = xdiff_string_bdiff_size('file.bdiff'); echo "Resulting file will be $length bytes long"; ?> SEE ALSO
xdiff_file_bdiff(3), xdiff_file_rabdiff(3), xdiff_file_bpatch(3). PHP Documentation Group XDIFF_FILE_BDIFF_SIZE(3)

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