IPSEC_IPSEC_VERSION_CODE(3)				     Library Functions Manual				       IPSEC_IPSEC_VERSION_CODE(3)

ipsec_ipsec_version_code, ipsec_ipsec_version_string, ipsec_ipsec_copyright_notice - get IPsec version code, full version string, copyright notice SYNOPSIS
#include <freeswan.h> const char *ipsec_version_code(void); const char *ipsec_version_string(void); const char **ipsec_copyright_notice(void); DESCRIPTION
These functions provide information on version numbering and copyright of the Linux FreeS/WAN IPsec implementation. Ipsec_version_code returns a pointer to a string constant containing the current IPsec version code, such as ``1.92'' or ``snap2001Nov19b''. Ipsec_version_string returns a pointer to a string constant giving a full version identification, consisting of the version code preceded by a prefix identifying the software, e.g. ``Linux FreeS/WAN 1.92''. Ipsec_copyright_notice returns a pointer to a vector of pointers, terminated by a NULL, which is the text of a suitable copyright notice. Each pointer points to a string constant (possibly empty) which is one line of the somewhat-verbose copyright notice. The strings are NUL- terminated and do not contain a newline; supplying suitable line termination for the output device is the caller's responsibility. SEE ALSO
ipsec(8) HISTORY
Written for the FreeS/WAN project by Henry Spencer. 21 Nov 2001 IPSEC_IPSEC_VERSION_CODE(3)

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