do_config(9r)															     do_config(9r)

do_config - EISA/ISA: Initializes the device to its assigned configuration SYNOPSIS
void do_config( struct controller *ctlr_p ); ARGUMENTS
Specifies a pointer to the controller structure associated with the controller to be configured. The do_config routine obtains the device to initialize through its controller's associated controller structure pointer. DESCRIPTION
The do_config routine initializes the specified controller based on its power-up resource assignments. If the device uses either an inter- rupt or a DMA channel, then do_config also performs any setup requirements. For example, for controllers that connect to the EISA bus, do_config initializes the controller according to the parameters specified in the EISA configuration file. NOTES
The do_config routine is a generic interface that maps to a bus-specific interface that actually initializes the specified device. Using this routine to initialize a device makes the driver more portable across different bus architectures. Not all buses support the do_config routine. RETURN VALUES
Routines: get_config(9r), get_info(9r) Data Structures: controller(9s) do_config(9r)

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