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PG_HOST(3)																PG_HOST(3)

pg_host - Returns the host name associated with the connection

string pg_host ([resource $connection]) DESCRIPTION
pg_host(3) returns the host name of the given PostgreSQL $connection resource is connected to. PARAMETERS
o $connection - PostgreSQL database connection resource. When $connection is not present, the default connection is used. The default connection is the last connection made by pg_connect(3) or pg_pconnect(3). RETURN VALUES
A string containing the name of the host the $connection is to, or FALSE on error. EXAMPLES
Example #1 pg_host(3) example <?php $pgsql_conn = pg_connect("dbname=mark host=localhost"); if ($pgsql_conn) { print "Successfully connected to: " . pg_host($pgsql_conn) . "<br/> "; } else { print pg_last_error($pgsql_conn); exit; } ?> SEE ALSO
pg_connect(3), pg_pconnect(3). PHP Documentation Group PG_HOST(3)

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