NET-COMPILE(8)						      System Manager's Manual						    NET-COMPILE(8)

netscript-compile - netscript ipfilter-defs compile back end. SYNOPSIS
netcript-compile [ -fhq ] [ -b max-backup-level ] DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the netscript-compile command from the netscript router/firewall network configuration package. This command is the back end to the netscript compile command documented in netscript(8) manpage. See ipfilter-defs(5) for the details on the definitions files in /etc/netscript/ipfilter-defs. By default it checks to see if the relevant files in the /etc/netscript/ipfilter-defs directory have been updated by comparing their modi- fication times to that of /etc/netscript/ipfilter-defs.conf, and if updating is needed, it recompiles and re-creates the file. Up to max- backup-levels of history are kept of previously compiled /etc/netscript/ipfilter-defs.conf files, with a numeric extention in order of increasing age. OPTIONS
-b max-backup-level Sets the maximum level of backups kept of previously compiled files. This defaults to 2 (see /etc/netscript/netscript-com- pile.conf), and it is also used by the netscript(8) compile command. -f Force compile even though compile file is up to date with definitions. The testing depends on the modification times of the defini- tion file inodes in the file system. -h Show a summary of options. -q Quiet compile. This option suppresses informational progress messages. FILES
/etc/netscript/ipfilter-defs.conf, /etc/netscript/ipfilter-defs-compiled.conf, /etc/netscript/ipfilter-defs directory. SEE ALSO
ipfilter-defs(5), netscript(8). AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Matthew Grant <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). BUGS
I wrote this manpage when I was not half asleep... March 25, 2003 NET-COMPILE(8)

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