SNMP2_GETNEXT(3)							 1							  SNMP2_GETNEXT(3)

snmp2_getnext - Fetch theSNMPobject which follows the given object id

string snmp2_getnext (string $host, string $community, string $object_id, [string $timeout = 1000000], [string $retries = 5]) DESCRIPTION
The snmp2_get_next(3) function is used to read the value of the SNMP object that follows the specified $object_id. PARAMETERS
o $host - The hostname of the SNMP agent (server). o $community - The read community. o $object_id - The SNMP object id which precedes the wanted one. o $timeout - The number of microseconds until the first timeout. o $retries - The number of times to retry if timeouts occur. RETURN VALUES
Returns SNMP object value on success or FALSE on error. In case of an error, an E_WARNING message is shown. EXAMPLES
Example #1 Using snmp2_get_next(3) <?php $nameOfSecondInterface = snmp2_get_next('localhost', 'public', 'IF-MIB::ifName.1'; ?> SEE ALSO
snmp2_get(3), snmp2_walk(3). PHP Documentation Group SNMP2_GETNEXT(3)

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