vecheck(1)						      General Commands Manual							vecheck(1)

vecheck - check for virtual partition environment SYNOPSIS
The command uses its exit status to report whether or not the command has been run in a virtual partition (vPars) environment. The result can be used to alter command flow in a script. Options The command has no option. Any text beyond the command name itself is ignored. Output The command displays no output. RETURN VALUE
The command exits with one of the following values: The command is run in a vPars environment. The command is run in a non-vPars environment. EXAMPLES
In a vPars environment: In a non-vPars environment: ERRORS
There is no error condition. AUTHOR
was developed by the Hewlett-Packard Company. SEE ALSO
vparboot(1M), vparcreate(1M), vparconfig(1M), vpardump(1M), vparefiutil(1M), vparenv(1M), vparextract(1M), vparmodify(1M), vparreloc(1M), vparremove(1M), vparreset(1M), vparstatus(1M), vparutil(1M), icod(5), vparresources(5), vpartition(5), vpmon(5). vecheck(1)

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