extendfs_hfs(1M)														  extendfs_hfs(1M)

extendfs_hfs: extendfs - extend HFS file system size SYNOPSIS
size] special DESCRIPTION
If the original HFS file system image created on special does not make use of all of the available space, the command can be used to increase the capacity of an HFS file system by updating the file system structure to include the extra space. The command-line parameter special specifies the character device special file of either a logical volume or a disk partition. The special must be unmounted before the command can be run (see mount(1M)). Options recognizes the following options: Specify the HFS file system type. Query the size of special. No file system extension will be done. Verbose flag. Specifies the number of blocks to be added to the file system. If the number of blocks is not specified, the maximum possible size is used. EXAMPLES
To increase the capacity of a file system created on a logical volume, enter: WARNINGS
The root file system cannot be extended using the command because the root file system is always mounted, and the command only works on unmounted file systems. will fail if used on a file system, on a logical volume, where the logical block size of the logical volume is greater than the file sys- tem's fragment size. The logical block size, of a logical volume changes, when additional disks with larger sector size are added. RETURN VALUE
returns the following values: 0 No errors were detected and file system was successfully extended. 1 Command aborted. SEE ALSO
extendfs(1M), lvextend(1M), mkfs(1M), mount(1M), umount(1M). extendfs_hfs(1M)

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