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clear clearinghouse(1m) 												   clear clearinghouse(1m)

clear clearinghouse - Removes knowledge of the specified clearinghouse from the server's memory SYNOPSIS
cdscp clear clearinghouse clearinghouse-name ARGUMENTS
clearinghouse-name The full name of the clearinghouse. DESCRIPTION
The clear clearinghouse command removes knowledge of the specified clearinghouse from the server's memory. The clearinghouse files are not deleted. This ensures that the clearinghouse is not automatically enabled on server restarts. If you issue a list clearinghouse command, the clearinghouse will be listed. Before you can delete a cleared clearinghouse, you must use the create clearinghouse command to recreate it. After recreating the clear- inghouse, you can use the delete clearinghouse command to remove it. This command is part of the process of relocating a clearinghouse. See the OSF DCE Administration Guide for more information. Privilege Required You must have write permission to the server on which the clearinghouse resides. NOTE
This command is replaced at Revision 1.1 by the dcecp command and may not be provided in future releases of DCE. EXAMPLES
The following command clears the clearinghouse /.:/Paris2_CH before moving it to another server: cdscp> clear clearinghouse /.:/Paris2_CH RELATED INFORMATION
Books: OSF DCE Administration Guide Commands: create clearinghouse(1m), delete clearinghouse(1m), list clearinghouse(1m), set cdscp preferred clearinghouse(1m), show cdscp preferred clearinghouse(1m), show clearinghouse(1m) clear clearinghouse(1m)

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