MURMUR(1)							Museek Daemon Plus							 MURMUR(1)

Murmur - PyGTK2 client for museek SYNOPSIS
murmur [-c --config <filename>] [-l --log <directory>] [-v] [--version] [-d] [-h] [--help] DESCRIPTION
Murmur provides a GTK2 interface for the Museek Daemon for chatting, transferring files, managing users, viewing user info and browsing shares on the Soulseek P2P network and Soulfind Servers. You will need a configured and running museekd(1). OPTIONS
Murmur accepts the following options: -c <filename>, --config <filename> Use a different config file. -l <directory>, --log <directory> Use a different chat log directory. -v, --version Display Version and exit. -d Display debug messages while running. -h, --help Display Help and exit. EXAMPLE
To run this program the standard way type: murmur Alternativly you use a different config file with: murmur --config config Or a different chat logging directory with: murmur --log logdir FILES
~/.murmur/config The default location for the mucous config file. ~/.murmur/logs/ The default directory for chat logs. ~/.murmur/logs/room/ The directory where chat room logs are stored. ~/.murmur/logs/private/ The directory where private chat logs are stored. ~/.murmur/$USER.$EXT The file where a user's userinfo image is saved. AUTHORS
daelstorm <> SEE ALSO
mulog(1) muscan(1) muscand(1) museekcontrol(1) museekd(1) museeq(1) musetup(1) musetup-gtk(1) daelstorm Release 0.3.1 MURMUR(1)

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