cgi_redirect(3) 						     cgi/cgi.h							   cgi_redirect(3)

cgi_redirect - send an HTTP 302 redirect response SYNOPSIS
#include <cgi/cgi.h> void cgi_redirect (CGI *cgi, const char *fmt, ...) ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF(2,3); ARGUMENTS
cgi - cgi struct fmt - printf style format with args DESCRIPTION
cgi_redirect will redirect the user to another page on your site. This version takes only the path portion of the URL. As with all printf style commands, you should not call this with arbitrary input that may contain % characters, if you are forwarding something directly, use a format like cgi_redirect (cgi, "%s", buf) RETURN VALUE
cgi_debug_init(3), cgi_parse(3), cgi_destroy(3), cgi_js_escape(3), cgi_html_escape_strfunc(3), cgi_register_strfuncs(3), cgi_output(3), parse_rfc2388(3), cgi_url_validate(3), open_upload(3), cgi_cs_init(3), cgi_url_escape_more(3), cgi_html_strip_strfunc(3), cgi_neo_error(3), cgi_redirect(3), cgi_filehandle(3), cgi_register_parse_cb(3), cgi_url_escape(3), cgi_init(3), cgi_redirect_uri(3), cgi_cookie_clear(3), cgi_url_unescape(3), cgi_vredirect(3), cgi_display(3), cgi_html_ws_strip(3), cgi_error(3), cgi_cookie_set(3), cgi_text_html_strfunc(3), cgi_cookie_authority ClearSilver 12 July 2007 cgi_redirect(3)

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