class_change(3) 					     Library Functions Manual						   class_change(3)

class_change - Change the alloted resources of an existing class. LIBRARY
Standard C Library (libclass.a) SYNOPSIS
#include <apar_types.h> #include <sys/class.h> class_change(class_apar_handle_t handle, char *class_name, struct resource_limits *limits); PARAMETERS
The partition descriptor returned by class_open(). The name of the class to change. The input is the new resource limits, the output is the resources available. DESCRIPTION
This system call changes the limits of the resources that an existing class is allowed to use. If the value of percent would cause the total resource percentage of all classes to exceed 100 per cent, then the call will fail. On output, the structure contains the remaining resource percentages available. Specify CLASS_RESOURCE_NO_CHANGE for all resources that are to remain unchanged if you only need to change some resources. Specify CLASS_RESOURCE_SCHED_DISABLED for the target limit of any resource that is not needed. RETURN VALUES
The operation was successfully completed. An invalid partition handle was specified. The class_name is not an ASCII string. The class_name does not exist. The requested percentage not is not in the range 0 - 100 or is not CLASS_RESOURCE_SCHED_DISABLED or CLASS_RESOURCE_SCHED_DISABLED. Requested percentage not available. The struct resource_percent <xxx-available> (where xxx is an integer in the range 0-100 representing percentage) will contain the maximum available percentage. SEE ALSO
Functions:class_add(3), class_init(3), class_create(3), class_close(3), class_configure(3), class_get_config_stats(3), class_close(3), class_delete(3), class_destroy(3), class_disable(3), class_enable(3), class_save_database(3), class_restore_database(3), class_load_data- base(3), class_change_name(3), class_database_file_exists(3), class_database_name(3), class_database_modified(3), class_get_classes(3), class_get_class_members(3), Commands:class_admin(8), runclass(1), class_scheduling(4) Other: The System Administration guide. delim off class_change(3)

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