QStyleFactory(3qt)														QStyleFactory(3qt)

QStyleFactory - Creates QStyle objects SYNOPSIS
#include <qstylefactory.h> Static Public Members QStringList keys () QStyle * create ( const QString & key ) DESCRIPTION
The QStyleFactory class creates QStyle objects. The style factory creates a QStyle object for a given key with QStyleFactory::create(key). The styles are either built-in or dynamically loaded from a style plugin (see QStylePlugin). QStyleFactory::keys() returns a list of valid keys, typically including "windows", "motif", "cde", "motifplus", "platinum"," sgi" and "compact". Depending on the platform, "windowsxp"," aqua" or "macintosh" may be available. MEMBER FUNCTION DOCUMENTATION
QStyle * QStyleFactory::create ( const QString & key ) [static] Creates a QStyle object that matches key. This is either a built-in style, or a style from a style plugin. See also keys(). Example: themes/wood.cpp. QStringList QStyleFactory::keys () [static] Returns the list of keys this factory can create styles for. See also create(). Example: themes/themes.cpp. SEE ALSO
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