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PCAP_SET_TSTAMP_TYPE(3) 				     Library Functions Manual					   PCAP_SET_TSTAMP_TYPE(3)

pcap_set_tstamp_type - set the time stamp type to be used by a capture device SYNOPSIS
#include <pcap/pcap.h> int pcap_set_tstamp_type(pcap_t *p, int tstamp_type); DESCRIPTION
pcap_set_tstamp_type() sets the the type of time stamp desired for packets captured on the pcap descriptor to the type specified by tstamp_type. It must be called on a pcap descriptor created by pcap_create() that has not yet been activated by pcap_activate(). pcap_list_tstamp_types() will give a list of the time stamp types supported by a given capture device. See pcap-tstamp(7) for a list of all the time stamp types. RETURN VALUE
pcap_set_tstamp_type() returns 0 on success if the specified time stamp type is expected to be supported by the capture device, PCAP_WARN- ING_TSTAMP_TYPE_NOTSUP on success if the specified time stamp type is not supported by the capture device, PCAP_ERROR_ACTIVATED if called on a capture handle that has been activated, and PCAP_ERROR_CANTSET_TSTAMP_TYPE if the capture device doesn't support setting the time stamp type. SEE ALSO
pcap(3), pcap_list_tstamp_types(3), pcap_tstamp_type_name_to_val(3), pcap-tstamp(7) 21 August 2010 PCAP_SET_TSTAMP_TYPE(3)

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