UNIMPLEMENTED(2)					     Linux Programmer's Manual						  UNIMPLEMENTED(2)

afs_syscall, break, ftime, gtty, lock, mpx, phys, prof, profil, stty, ulimit - unimplemented system calls SYNOPSIS
Unimplemented system calls. DESCRIPTION
These system calls are not implemented in the Linux 2.0 kernel. RETURN VALUE
These system calls always return -1 and set errno to ENOSYS. NOTES
Note that ftime(3), profil(3) and ulimit(3) are implemented as library functions. Some system calls, like ioperm(2), iopl(2), ptrace(2) and vm86(2) only exist on certain architectures. Some system calls, like ipc(2) and {create,init,delete}_module(2) only exist when the Linux kernel was built with support for them. SEE ALSO
obsolete(2) Linux 2.0 1998-06-12 UNIMPLEMENTED(2)

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