KSWITCH(1)						      General Commands Manual							KSWITCH(1)

kswitch - switch primary credential cache SYNOPSIS
kswitch {-c cachename | -p principal} DESCRIPTION
kswitch makes the specified credential cache the primary cache for the collection, if a cache collection is available. OPTIONS
-c cachename directly specifies the credential cache to be made primary. -p principal causes the cache collection to be searched for a cache containing credentials for principal. If one is found, that col- lection is made primary. ENVIRONMENT
kswitch uses the following environment variables: KRB5CCNAME Location of the default Kerberos 5 credentials (ticket) cache, in the form type:residual. If no type prefix is present, the FILE type is assumed. The type of the default cache may determine the availability of a cache collection; for instance, a default cache of type DIR causes caches within the directory to be present in the collection. FILES
/tmp/krb5cc_[uid] default location of Kerberos 5 credentials cache ([uid] is the decimal UID of the user). SEE ALSO
kinit(1), kdestroy(1), klist(1), kerberos(1) KSWITCH(1)

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