dom_import_simplexml - Gets aDOMElementobject from aSimpleXMLElementobject

DOMElement dom_import_simplexml (SimpleXMLElement $node) DESCRIPTION
This function takes the node $node of class SimpleXML and makes it into a DOMElement node. This new object can then be used as a native DOMElement node. PARAMETERS
o $node - The SimpleXMLElement node. RETURN VALUES
The DOMElement node added or FALSE if any errors occur. EXAMPLES
Example #1 Import SimpleXML into DOM with dom_import_simplexml(3) <?php $sxe = simplexml_load_string('<books><book><title>blah</title></book></books>'); if ($sxe === false) { echo 'Error while parsing the document'; exit; } $dom_sxe = dom_import_simplexml($sxe); if (!$dom_sxe) { echo 'Error while converting XML'; exit; } $dom = new DOMDocument('1.0'); $dom_sxe = $dom->importNode($dom_sxe, true); $dom_sxe = $dom->appendChild($dom_sxe); echo $dom->saveXML(); ?> SEE ALSO
simplexml_import_dom(3). PHP Documentation Group DOM_IMPORT_SIMPLEXML(3)

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