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__gnu_pbds(3cxx)														  __gnu_pbds(3cxx)

__gnu_pbds - SYNOPSIS
Classes struct associative_container_tag Basic associative-container. class basic_hash_table An abstract basic hash-based associative container. struct basic_hash_tag Basic hash. class basic_tree An abstract basic tree-like (tree, trie) associative container. struct basic_tree_tag Basic tree. struct binary_heap_tag Binary-heap (array-based). struct binomial_heap_tag Binomial-heap. class cc_hash_table A concrete collision-chaining hash-based associative container. struct cc_hash_tag Collision-chaining hash. class container_base An abstract basic associative container. struct container_tag Base data structure tag. struct container_traits container_traits class gp_hash_table A concrete general-probing hash-based associative container. struct gp_hash_tag General-probing hash. class list_update A list-update based associative container. struct list_update_tag List-update. struct null_mapped_type A mapped-policy indicating that an associative container is a set. struct ov_tree_tag Ordered-vector tree. struct pairing_heap_tag Pairing-heap. struct pat_trie_tag PATRICIA trie. struct priority_queue_tag Basic priority-queue. struct rb_tree_tag Red-black tree. struct rc_binomial_heap_tag Redundant-counter binomial-heap. struct sequence_tag Basic sequence. struct splay_tree_tag Splay tree. struct string_tag Basic string container, inclusive of strings, ropes, etc. struct thin_heap_tag Thin heap. class tree A concrete basic tree-based associative container. struct tree_tag tree. class trie A concrete basic trie-based associative container. struct trie_tag trie. Typedefs typedef void trivial_iterator_difference_type Functions void __throw_container_error (void) void __throw_insert_error (void) void __throw_join_error (void) void __throw_resize_error (void) Detailed Description GNU extensions for policy-based data structures for public use. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libstdc++ from the source code. libstdc++ Tue Nov 27 2012 __gnu_pbds(3cxx)

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