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idevicebackup2(1)					      General Commands Manual						 idevicebackup2(1)

idevicebackup2 - Create or restore backups for devices running iOS 4 or later. SYNOPSIS
Create or restore backup from the current or specified directory. OPTIONS
-u, --udid UDID target specific device by its 40-digit device UDID. -s, --source UDID use backup data from device specified by UDID. -i, --interactive request passwords interactively on the command line. -d, --debug enable communication debugging. -h, --help prints usage information. COMMANDS
backup create backup for the device. restore restore last backup to the device. --system restore system files, too. --reboot reboot the system when done. --copy create a copy of backup folder before restoring. --settings restore device settings from the backup. --remove remove items which are not being restored. --password PWD supply the password of the source backup. info show details about last completed backup of device. list list files of last completed backup in CSV format. encryption on|off [PWD] enable or disable backup encryption. changepw [OLD NEW] change backup password on target device. AUTHORS
Martin Szulecki Nikias Bassen SEE ALSO
idevicebackup(1) idevicebackup2(1)

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