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ronn-format - manual authoring format based on Markdown SYNOPSIS
name(1) -- short, single-sentence description ============================================= ## SYNOPSIS `name` [<optional>...] <flags> ## DESCRIPTION A normal paragraph. This can span multiple lines and is terminated with two or more line endings -- just like Markdown. Inline markup for `code`, `user input`, and **strong** are displayed boldface; <variable>, _emphasis_, *emphasis*, are displayed in italics (HTML) or underline (roff). Manual references like sh(1), markdown(7), roff(7), etc. are hyperlinked in HTML output. Link to sections like [STANDARDS][], [SEE ALSO][], or [WITH A DIFFERENT LINK TEXT][#SEE-ALSO]. Definition lists: * `-a`, `--argument`=[<value>]: One or more paragraphs describing the argument. * You can put whatever you *want* here, really: Nesting and paragraph spacing are respected. Frequently used sections: ## OPTIONS ## SYNTAX ## ENVIRONMENT ## RETURN VALUES ## STANDARDS ## SECURITY CONSIDERATIONS ## BUGS ## HISTORY ## AUTHOR ## COPYRIGHT ## SEE ALSO DESCRIPTION
The ronn(1) command converts text in a simple markup to UNIX manual pages. The syntax includes all Markdown formatting features, plus con- ventions for expressing the structure and various notations present in standard UNIX manpages. Not all roff(7) typesetting features can be expressed using ronn syntax. MANPAGE TITLE
Manpages have a name, section, and a one-line description. Files must start with a level one heading defining these attributes: ls(1) -- list directory contents ================================ Indicates that the manpage is named ls in manual section 1 ( SECTION HEADINGS
Man section headings are expressed with markdown level two headings. There are two syntaxes for level two headings. Hash prefix syntax: ## HEADING TEXT Dash underline syntax: HEADING TEXT ------------ Section headings should be all uppercase and may not contain inline markup. INLINE MARKUP
Manpages have a limited set of text formatting capabilities. There's basically boldface and italics (often displayed using underline). Ronn uses the following bits of markdown(7) to accomplish this: `backticks` (markdown compatible) Code, flags, commands, and noun-like things; typically displayed in in boldface. All text included within backticks is displayed literally; other inline markup is not processed. HTML output: <code>. **double-stars** (markdown compatible) Also displayed in boldface. Unlike backticks, inline markup is processed. HTML output: <strong>. <anglequotes> (non-compatible markdown extension) User-specified arguments, variables, or user input. Typically displayed with underline in roff output. HTML output: <var/>. _underbars_ (markdown compatible) Emphasis. May be used for literal option values. Typically displayed with underline in roff output. HTML output: <em>. Here is grep(1)'s DESCRIPTION section represented in ronn: `Grep` searches the named input <FILE> (or standard input if no files are named, or the file name `-` is given) for lines containing a match to the given <PATTERN>. By default, `grep` prints the matching lines. DEFINITION LISTS
The definition list syntax is compatible with markdown's unordered list syntax but requires that the first line of each list item be termi- nated with a colon An example definition list, taken from BSD test(1)'s DESCRIPTION section: The following primaries are used to construct expressions: * `-b` <file>: True if <file> exists and is a block special file. * `-c` <file>: True if _file_ exists and is a character special file. * `-d` <file>: True if file exists and is a directory. LINKS
All markdown(7) linking features are supported. Markdown reference-style links can be used to link to specific sections by name: ## SECTION 1 See the following section. ## SECTION 2 See [SECTION 1][] or [to put it another way][SECTION 1]. The anchor name would be #SECTION-1 and #SECTION-2. All non-word characters are removed and spaces are replaced by dashes. SEE ALSO
ronn(1), markdown(7), roff(7) Ronn 0.7.0 June 2010 RONN-FORMAT(7)

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