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OSINFO-INSTALL-SCRIPT.C(1)				      Virtualization Support					OSINFO-INSTALL-SCRIPT.C(1)

osinfo-install-script - generate a script for automated installation SYNOPSIS
osinfo-install-script [OPTIONS...] OS-ID DESCRIPTION
Generate a script suitable for performing an automated installation of "OS-ID". "OS-ID" should be a URI identifying the operating system, or its short ID. By default a script will be generated for a "JEOS" style install. OPTIONS
--profile=NAME Choose the installation script profile. Defaults to "jeos", but can also be "desktop", or a site specific profile name --config=key=value Set the configuration parameter "key" to "value". CONFIGURATION KEYS
The following configuration keys are available "hardware-arch" The hardware architecture "l10n-timezone" The local timezone "l10n-keyboard" The local keyboard layout "l10n-language" The local language "admin-password" The administrator password "user-password" The user password "user-login" The user login name "user-realname" The user real name "user-autologin" Whether to automatically login the user "user-admin" Whether to give the user administrative privileges "reg-product-key" The software registration key "reg-login" The software registration user login "reg-password" The software registration user password EXAMPLE USAGE
The following usage generates a Fedora 16 kickstart script # osinfo-install-script --profile jeos --config l10n-timezone=GMT --config l10n-keyboard=uk --config l10n-language=en_GB --config admin-password=123456 --config user-login=berrange --config user-password=123456 --config user-realname="Daniel P Berrange" fedora16 EXIT STATUS
The exit status will be 0 if an install script is generated, or 1 on error AUTHORS
Daniel P. Berrange <> COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2012 Red Hat, Inc. LICENSE
"osinfo-install-script" is distributed under the termsof the GNU LGPL v2 license. This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE libosinfo-0.2.7 2013-04-10 OSINFO-INSTALL-SCRIPT.C(1)

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