runcat(1)						      General Commands Manual							 runcat(1)

runcat - Pipes message text source from mkcatdefs to gencat SYNOPSIS
runcat catalog_name source_file [catalogfile] DESCRIPTION
The runcat command invokes the mkcatdefs command and pipes the message catalog source data (the output from mkcatdefs) to the gencat pro- gram. The file source_file contains the message text with your symbolic identifiers. The mkcatdefs program uses the catalog_name argument to gen- erate the name of the symbolic definition file by adding _msg.h to the end of the catalog_name value, and to generate the symbolic name for the catalog file by adding MF_ to the beginning of the catalog_name value. The definition file must be included in your application pro- gram. The symbolic name for the catalog file can be used in the library functions (such as the catopen function). The catalogfile argument is the name of the catalog file created by the gencat command. If you do not specify this argument, the gencat command names the catalog file by adding to the end of the catalog_name value. This filename can also be used in the catopen library func- tion. EXAMPLES
To generate a catalog named from the message source file test.msg, enter: runcat test test.msg SEE ALSO
Commands: dspcat(1), dspmsg(1), gencat(1), mkcatdefs(1) runcat(1)

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