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shatag-add(1)							      Shatag							     shatag-add(1)

shatag-add - add checksums to the local database for further procressing. SYNOPSIS
shatag-add [-v] [-d DATABASE] NAME DESCRIPTION
shatag-add processes the output of shatag(1) to fill the local database. NAME is the symbolical name of the storage on which the file re- side (recommended to be the canonical hostname). If the operation succeeds, previous entries for the specified name are removed from the database. When running shatag(1) to send data to shatag-add, always use the -0 and -c options. Not using -0 will result in a garbled database; Not using -c may yield false positives when looking for duplicates. OPTIONS
-d DATABASE, --database DATABASE Use an alternate localtion for the SQLite database. The default is "$HOME/.shatagdb". REPORTING BUGS
Report shatag bugs to the bugtracker at, SEE ALSO
shatag(1), shatag-mkdb(1) Shatag 0.1 26.08.2010 shatag-add(1)

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