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#aix serial printing #ssh "solved" 56kbit modem 64bit @argv @unixlinux address aix aix 7.1 aix;jfs2;logical volume;shared android apc ups append arch linux array arrays array timestamp autosys average awk awk epoch log awk sum syntax error awr backup script bad magic number bash bash parsing read array bash script bash shell bash shell scripting bash untar bash_history beginner bingbot bots bug bugs c++ cat centos centos 7 chemistry chinese characters chmod cifsmount client closed code command-line comparation compare compare 2 directories compare 2 files compile compute nodes connection refused constructor content in all files conversion convert copying files cron csh cshell css csv cups curl cut cybersecurity cyberspace cyberspace situational awareness cyberspace situation graph database data processing date date and time conversion datediff debian 9 delete detection development device diff diff command direct printing in aix disable dos2unix tr dplication driver duplicate value echo egrep email encryption environment environment variables error exact excel executing expect expect programming expiry extract fancybar faq fedora ffprobe stream info record file file edit filtering find find & delete find files and sort by timestamp firewall for loop file shuffle directories forum features free ftp ftp file ft_min_word_len function function call gfs gfs2 clustered filesystem github gkellm glob gphoto2 greedy grep grep -e grep -q grep -w -f gsub hddtemp header file header validation here document homework help hp 1012 hpux email encoding multiple attachments html tags https hyperion identify unique if statement implicit loop initramfs input redirection insmod install interconnect inventory ip java javascript json jvm kalilinux kickstartable tree kill korn shell ksar ksh ldom length licensing line line breaks linux linux 6.0 linux and unix linux from scratch list load locale log extract log file logout loop lynx mac mail server makefile map function matching median memory usage migration mirror rpool mobile mobile site mobile skin mount mpi multidimensional multiple columns multiple conditions in if murrine mv my.cnf mysqlcheck netgroup network networking nfs4 nfsv4 nginx noob notification nr==fnr oneliner open source oracle parallel parse patch patching patterns percentage perl perl data processing permission permission denied ping pipe plink pointer polling porting linux posix postfix postfix error powershell printf printing printing from multiple files print line process processes production product key programming prune put command python qsub radeon ram kernel randomize raspberry raspbian read redhat red hat redirect regex regexp remote ssh remove blank lines from text file removed ` in if condition rename with regular expression replacment resource busy responsive return value rhel 6 robots.txt root routing row values rpm rs 232 rsync rsync_issue ruby run command sharp time san sar scp script script awk scripting script linux decommission search sed sed awk sed regexp select command sendmail serial serial port shared sheel script shell shell argument shell bash shell command line arguments shell scipting shell scrip shellscript shell script shell scripting shellscripting shellscripts shell script variables shell while loop signal sigusr2 situational awareness sleep for few mins and restart socket socket programming solaris solaris 9 solaris 10 solaris 11 solaris 11.3 solved solved awk solved shell sort source special characters split squid ssh ssh -n standard deviation standard mode state file status stdin strace stratum safety script string substring sudo suggestion sum sum by column sunos svn swap file switch systemd systemd-cryptsetup systemd-timer tab delimited file tail tapatalk terminal text file text processing timestamp tomcat tool trace trailing zero trusted mode ubuntu ubuntu 14.04 ubuntu 16.04 unity3d unix unix & linux - unix commands unix admin unix and linux forum unix commands unix shell bash scripting unix shell script unix shell scripting unix to linux userdel user lookup variable variable assignment variable comparison variable expansion vbstatus vgersh99 vi virtualization virtualized cyberspace wait wc webkit while read pipe input windows wlan0 write specific value write to 1 failed xlsx xml xmlstarlet yandex zipgrep zones

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