Linux(Suse) Upgrades

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Old 01-24-2008
Linux(Suse) Upgrades

Anyone out there deal with updating OS on linux servers remotely? We use Suse but like to hear what someone else does with any linux version. We have network connectivity to our remote locations but it's just a DSL connection, so some will be fast and some will be slow.

Thanks for any input. Thanks.
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Old 01-24-2008
Bandwidth issue, not OS

As much as I want to explain the need to push for your updates via security SSH2, I can assure you that Novell is ready to jump in with all it weight to help you in any difficulty or security breach regarding updates. You have an option to push for updates via gui Yast2, specifying your source of updates, and the interval for checking.

I can say the same regarding Red hat, except that Red Hat administrators insist on pushing for updates via CLI SSH2. After all, it is security which matters most to Red Hat today.

If your question is regarding how to bypass the bandwidth contingency, that is a different story, that has nothing to do with your operating system. This is a bandwidth issue then, which means that you are ready for the next step in networking. Your question means that your business has matured enough-on the enterprise level- to consider Frame Relay, ATM, and SONET rings for connecting your remote sites together.

It is worth the extra 2 cents to make the call to your sales manager at AT&T, or UUNET, or Sprint, or MCI, or TDS, or Qwest, or ALL OF THEM (72 carriers in total inside USA), to give you bids for connecting your sites via a Frame Relay, ATM, or SONET. Only then you can get your updates installed on your pilot machine at your HQ, then after testing if they work(sometimes they make things worst, not better) you can push them at your convenience, paying for the bandwidth that you use, not what is there and not being used.

Sincere advice: if you do that, get a DRO option (Data Recovery Operation). It is worth it. They do a periodic data backup for you, even hourly if you want, guaranteed by any of the 800 pounds gorillas of Frame relay, ATM, and Sonet. The companies that had DRO when 9/11 happened, and Katrina hit, bounced back within a few days, in full business, minus the political affect, and the cost of new offices and computer hardware(insurance paid for that). The others who did not have DRO off site, well, let's say that we feel really sorry for them, until today.

Did I evaluate it correctly? or you were asking regarding certain processes?
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