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sqlldr : charset conversion while loading ?

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Operating Systems Linux SuSE sqlldr : charset conversion while loading ?
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Old 12-11-2007
Java sqlldr : charset conversion while loading ?

I am a newbie to Linux(Suse).I am facing a problem with 'sqlldr' utility while trying to upload data to Database tables.My backend is Oracle and is using the UTF8 encoding format.I am trying to load a datafile which contains some Western European Characters.While loading am getting an error 'value too large for column'.I think the charset conversion was not successful.

Can anyone please suggest how to move forward?

FYI. This issue happenend after the upgradation of my server from SUSE8 to SUSE9.Is there any settings or configuration file related to this as a part of Oracle client ?

Your help is appreciated.

With Regards
Dileep Pattayath
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CREATE CONVERSION - define a new encoding conversion SYNOPSIS
CREATE [ DEFAULT ] CONVERSION name FOR source_encoding TO dest_encoding FROM funcname DESCRIPTION
CREATE CONVERSION defines a new conversion between character set encodings. Also, conversions that are marked DEFAULT can be used for auto- matic encoding conversion between client and server. For this purpose, two conversions, from encoding A to B and from encoding B to A, must be defined. To be able to create a conversion, you must have EXECUTE privilege on the function and CREATE privilege on the destination schema. PARAMETERS
DEFAULT The DEFAULT clause indicates that this conversion is the default for this particular source to destination encoding. There should be only one default encoding in a schema for the encoding pair. name The name of the conversion. The conversion name can be schema-qualified. If it is not, the conversion is defined in the current schema. The conversion name must be unique within a schema. source_encoding The source encoding name. dest_encoding The destination encoding name. funcname The function used to perform the conversion. The function name can be schema-qualified. If it is not, the function will be looked up in the path. The function must have the following signature: conv_proc( integer, -- source encoding ID integer, -- destination encoding ID cstring, -- source string (null terminated C string) internal, -- destination (fill with a null terminated C string) integer -- source string length ) RETURNS void; NOTES
Use DROP CONVERSION to remove user-defined conversions. The privileges required to create a conversion might be changed in a future release. EXAMPLES
To create a conversion from encoding UTF8 to LATIN1 using myfunc: CREATE CONVERSION myconv FOR 'UTF8' TO 'LATIN1' FROM myfunc; COMPATIBILITY
CREATE CONVERSION is a PostgreSQL extension. There is no CREATE CONVERSION statement in the SQL standard. SEE ALSO
ALTER CONVERSION [alter_conversion(7)], CREATE FUNCTION [create_function(7)], DROP CONVERSION [drop_conversion(7)] SQL - Language Statements 2010-05-14 CREATE CONVERSION(7)

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