Sssd not starting- failed

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Operating Systems Linux SuSE Sssd not starting- failed
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Thanks for the response!
Actually we have both 32 and 64 as well.

The other package is for 64:

# rpm -ql sssd-1.9.4-0.26.1|grep -i 64

I tried by removing 32bit sssd package and re-install 64 only but still same error message.

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Hello Guys,

As verified on SUSE portal below SLES 11.3 starts with kernel version 3.0*...... I did not dig deep to check why it has lesser kernel version :-(

SUSE/SLES/Kernel versions - MicroFocusInternationalWiki

As far as I know sssd version with 1.5 itself has few bug's and will not start sometime, hence I dropped configuring sssd instead I configured in below steps which worked:

zypper in nss_ldap
zypper in pam_ldap
zypper in nscd

2>update nscd (cache) with passwd group and hosts on

/etc/ldap.con and /etc/openldap/ldap.conf

4> updated

file with
"files ldap"

in passwd and group

5> updated pam.d common-auth,common-account,common-password and common-session

ldapsearch -x uid=userid and getent passwd userid worked also login worked with LDAP integrated credentails.

Thank you very much for responding/checking on this.
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