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Upgrading from Suse Linux 10.1(x86-64)

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Operating Systems Linux SuSE Upgrading from Suse Linux 10.1(x86-64)
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Upgrading from Suse Linux 10.1(x86-64)

I don't know if this is good place for this post.
I`m using a laptop whit suse Linux 10.1 installed on it (since I bought it) and its only Importance is one industrial 3d scan software installed on it. its an old laptop whit an old version of Linux is it possible to backup this installed packages and install them on new laptop whit new Linux? I don't have access to new software source but I have license dongles of this version . if it is what is the newest Linux I can use and what should I do for it ?
note1: I am almost new to Linux but I can use terminal if have commands.
note2 :sorry for my bad English.
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Without knowing anything about the software, it's tough to guess how to migrate it. That it's SuSE doesn't really tell me anything. But trial and error really isn't an option on an unsupported commercial product unless your backups are very, very good.

I'd suggest not doing anything without a complete, disk-clone deep backup -- so if you mess up, you can restore it to a known working state. (Or swap in the old hard drive.)

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