Facing issue configuring network

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Facing issue configuring network

Please let me know how to configure network in suse Linux, I have configured the network using ifup and network manager, it is not giving any error but not working,

using suse Linux 11.0 sp3

I have checked network connectivity is working.
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PAM_ISSUE(8)							 Linux-PAM Manual						      PAM_ISSUE(8)

pam_issue - PAM module to add issue file to user prompt SYNOPSIS
pam_issue.so [noesc] [issue=issue-file-name] DESCRIPTION
pam_issue is a PAM module to prepend an issue file to the username prompt. It also by default parses escape codes in the issue file similar to some common getty's (using x format). Recognized escapes: d current day l name of this tty m machine architecture (uname -m) machine's network node hostname (uname -n) o domain name of this system release number of operating system (uname -r) current time s operating system name (uname -s) u number of users currently logged in U same as u except it is suffixed with "user" or "users" (eg. "1 user" or "10 users") v operating system version and build date (uname -v) OPTIONS
noesc Turns off escape code parsing. issue=issue-file-name The file to output if not using the default. MODULE TYPES PROVIDED
Only the auth module type is provided. RETURN VALUES
PAM_BUF_ERR Memory buffer error. PAM_IGNORE The prompt was already changed. PAM_SERVICE_ERR A service module error occurred. PAM_SUCCESS The new prompt was set successfully. EXAMPLES
Add the following line to /etc/pam.d/login to set the user specific issue at login: auth optional pam_issue.so issue=/etc/issue SEE ALSO
pam.conf(5), pam.d(5), pam(7) AUTHOR
pam_issue was written by Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org>. Linux-PAM Manual 06/04/2011 PAM_ISSUE(8)

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