How To make bootable USB with multiple ISO Files?

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Operating Systems Linux SuSE How To make bootable USB with multiple ISO Files?
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Old 12-20-2015
How To make bootable USB with multiple ISO Files?

Hi All,

I would need your assistance to make a bootable USB with SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server
I have already downloaded relevant OS (Trail Version) packages @
1) SLES-11-SP4-DVD-i586-GM-DVD1
2) SLES-11-SP4-DVD-i586-GM-DVD2

when I tried to open these packages with PowerISO one of the package is showing as a bootable but not both of them.
1) SLES-11-SP4-DVD-i586-GM-DVD1 (Bootable)
2) SLES-11-SP4-DVD-i586-GM-DVD2 (Not Bootable)

would you be so kind let me know how do I make both of these packages bootable and make a bootable USB.
Thanks a lot in advance.
NOTE : I've also attached screenshots from PowerISO. please check.

have a nice weekend!!

Best Regards
How To make bootable USB with multiple ISO Files?-bootable____sles-11-sp4-dvd-i586-gm-dvd1png
How To make bootable USB with multiple ISO Files?-non_bootable_sles-11-sp4-dvd-i586-gm-dvd2png
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Old 12-20-2015
I think the second image is not meant to be bootable but just a data pool:
DVD1 contains the binary packages, DVD2 the source code:
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Old 12-20-2015
first of all Thanks a lot for your prompt response.

As pointed by you I wrote Disk 1---> SLES-11-SP4-DVD-i586-GM-DVD1 (Bootable) into USB by using utility- Refus and made it as a bootable USB.

will that be suffice to install OS ? or do I need to dump Dsik 2---> SLES-11-SP4-DVD-i586-GM-DVD2 (NonBootable) into USB ?

I really appreciate your valuable feedback over this.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards
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Old 12-20-2015
Without any experience with those distributions, I'd say you can install the system with just DVD1. If, lateron, you want to recompile something, DVD2 might be needed. But, then, you will be able to copy the DVD2 .iso to your system and mount it on a loopback device.
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Old 12-24-2015
hi Savvy's ,

first of all merry Christmas to everybody!!!

while I tried to boot my PC with bootable USB drive, it was hung up for 4 hrs with below message

"Initializing GFX code"

seriously I've no clue about it. could some help to resolve this issue.
thanks in advance.

How To make bootable USB with multiple ISO Files?-img_0642jpg
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Old 12-24-2015
Sounds like a GRUB2 problem. Some sort of hardware initialization or incompatibility problem. Might be worth trying a later version of SLES.
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Old 12-24-2015
Note that SLES is an "enterprise" distribution. This usually means the compatibility is limited to fewer (industrial grade) hardware platforms and a consumer PC (respectively its components) you got from your next boxshifter might just not be supported.

In such a case you might want to use another distribution with a broader set of drivers, like (plain) "SuSE" instead of "SuSE Linux Enterprise".

I hope this helps.

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