Unable to format suse Linux

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Unable to format suse Linux

Hello All,

I am new to use linux. I installed SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64) trail version which is free for 60 days.

Now I want to again format the whole system and install the same OS again but its not happening.

I am trying with a bootable pen drive which has an .iso image of suse linux os and when I try to go into BIOS it doesn't even go to the BIOS. I have been spinning my head around this thing for the past whole week but still unsuccessful. It says something like ELILO boot and gives options but still finally loads the previous OS. Even when I press F2 to goto setup it says elilo boot and F12 for multi boot option it gives me the same thing. I also tried to directly launch the iso file from directory but it says autorun not found. I tried installing windows in this but to no use the same thing happens. Again I am trying with use linux but still nothing.

Kindly help me in this situation as to what to do I have tried almost everything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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According to How to Enter Your PC's BIOS | PCWorld it's not always the F2 key; it can be F1 or F3 or Del or Esc.
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