Send outgoing email to my GroupWise email

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Send outgoing email to my GroupWise email

Dear users,

I have Linux server whose versions are Suse 10 SP 3 and Suse 11.

I am trying to send email from these servers to my GroupWise email account.

In /etc/postfix/ file, The current value of MYHOSTNAME is LINUX.LOCAL. What should be the right value of MYHOSTNAME? Is this the server I want to send email from?

Thanks for your support always.

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Test::Email(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation					  Test::Email(3pm)

Test::Email - Test Email Contents SYNOPSIS
use Test::Email; # is-a MIME::Entity my $email = Test::Email->new(@lines); # all-in-one test $email->ok({ # optional search parameters from => ($is or qr/$regex/), subject => ($is or qr/$regex/), body => ($is or qr/$regex/), headername => ($is or qr/$regex/), }, "passed tests"); # single-test header methods $email->header_is($header_name, $value, "$header_name matches"); $email->header_ok($header_name, $value, "$header_name matches"); $email->header_like($header_name, qr/regex/, "$header_name matches"); # single-test body methods $email->body_is($header_name, $value, "$header_name matches"); $email->body_ok($header_name, $value, "$header_name matches"); $email->body_like($header_name, qr/regex/, "$header_name matches"); # how many MIME parts does the messages contain? $email->parts_ok($parts_count, "there were $parts_count parts found"); # what is the MIME type of the firs part my @parts = $email->parts(); # see MIME::Entity $parts[0]->mime_type_ok('test/html', 'the first part is type text/html'); DESCRIPTION
Please note that this is ALPHA CODE. As such, the interface is likely to change. Test::Email is a subclass of MIME::Entity, with the above methods. If you want the messages fetched from a POP3 account, use Test::POP3. Tests for equality remove trailing newlines from strings before testing. This is because some mail messages have newlines appended to them during the mailing process, which could cause unnecessary confusion. This module should be 100% self-explanatory. If not, then please look at Test::Simple and Test::More for clarification. METHODS
"my $email = Test::Email->new($lines_aref);" This is identical to "MIME::Entity->new()". See there for details. "$email->ok($test_href, $description);" Using this method, you can test multiple qualities of an email message with one test. This will execute the tests as expected and will produce output just like "Test::Simple::ok" and "Test::More::ok". Keys for $test_href are either "body", or they are considered to be the name of a header, case-insensitive. single-test methods The single-test methods in the synopsis above are very similar to their counterparts in Test::Simple and Test::More. Please consult those modules for documentation. Please note that tests for equality remove newlines from their operands before testing. This is because some email messages have newlines appended to them during mailing. "my $ok = $email-"parts_ok($parts_count, $description);> Check to see how many MIME parts this email contains. Each part is also a Test::Email object. "my $ok = $email-"mime_type_ok($expected_mime_type, $description);> Check the MIME type of an email or an email part. EXPORT
Test::Builder, Test::Simple, Test::More, Test::POP3 TODO
I am open to suggestions. AUTHOR
Copyright (C) 2007-2008 by James Tolley This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.8.8 or, at your option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available. perl v5.10.0 2008-10-24 Test::Email(3pm)

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