Location and name of SYSLOG in SUSE Linux

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Old 03-09-2015
Location and name of SYSLOG in SUSE Linux

Esteemed listers,

Where is the location of SYSLOG file?

In etc/auditd.conf script, the log_file location is '/var/log/audit/audit.log' as below. Is this the location where SYSLOG is stored?

Thank you in advance,

log_file = /var/log/audit/audit.log
log_format = RAW
priority_boost = 3
freq = 20
num_logs = 4
dispatcher = /usr/sbin/audispd
disp_qos = lossy
max_log_file = 5
max_log_file_action = ROTATE
space_left = 75
space_left_action = SYSLOG
action_mail_acct = root
admin_space_left = 50
admin_space_left_action = SUSPEND
disk_full_action = SUSPEND
disk_error_action = SUSPEND
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Old 03-09-2015
Have a look into /etc/*syslog.conf; name dependig on the syslog version used. Here, or in the included files, the log files are identified, like
*.notice;authpriv.none;kern.debug;lpr.info;mail.crit;news.err   /var/log/messages
security.*                                      /var/log/security
auth.info;authpriv.info                         /var/log/auth.log
mail.info                                       /var/log/maillog

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Old 03-09-2015
On newer SUSE and openSUSE systems, they use systemd. You can install rsyslog and get a /var/log/messages file (for example) and/or the ability to send logs to a remote syslogger, etc...

It's one of the bigger gripes against systemd. It uses its own binary database to house logs. So normally you run a command, journalctl, (if you don't have rsyslog installed) to see the logs.
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Old 03-11-2015
In /etc/auditd.conf script
  1. Does this option 'space_left_action = SYSLOG' send log messages to SYSLOG?

  2. Does this option 'space_left_action = EMAIL' send log messages to SYSLOG and email accounts specified?

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I think I got the answers for these 2 questions.

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When I restarted auditd I get a message saying 'exit status of parent...' as below. I expected to see 'Starting auditd' only. Is this normal?

 XXXXX:/#/etc/init.d/auditd restart
 Shutting down auditd
 Starting auditd startproc; exit status of parent of /sbin/auditd: 6

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Found the answer.

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