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How to find Server model in Suse?

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Operating Systems Linux SuSE How to find Server model in Suse?
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How to find Server model in Suse?

How to find Server model in Suse? dmidecode is not working here

server gives output for hwinfo, but not listing lshw,lshal etc. Server is remotely located, so I cant find it physically. dmesg command is also not helping with boot logs.
I am not a Suse admin, request fast reply.

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What about the /proc filesystem. Files like /proc/cpuinfo
What are you looking for?
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Originally Posted by shyam2j
I am not a Suse admin, request fast reply.
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Mod Comment I hate to disappoint your expectations but we are neither serfs in general nor your serfs in particular.

If you need a responsible support: hire someone.

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I am looking for model of Server not of CPU.
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grep DMI: /var/log/dmesg*

If the old logs are gzipped then you may need to uncompress them first.
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dmidecode -t system | awk -F: '$1~/Product Name/'

works on many if not all systems. But needs root (sudo).
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Both the above reply doesnt help, but thanks for checking.
dmidecode doesnt work here. Also there is no loggiing for dmesg.


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Thanks all for your efforts.

I finally got answer when tried like below

host # hwinfo >/var/tmp/hwinfo.out
host # grep -i product /var/tmp/hwinfo.out
Product = 'ProLiant DL380 G4'


THis thread can be closed and appreciate running this forum.

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Mod Comment edit by bakunin: thanks for the follow-up, but PLEASE USE CODE-tags!

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