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# 8  
Old 08-11-2014
Thanks guys will give those a try.
# 9  
Old 08-13-2014
I tried to do a restart of the nscd service and it didn't help.
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Old 08-13-2014
Then maybe you have a shell that behaves like ksh. Here is a test...

$ exec ksh
$ echo ~testgut
$ getent passwd testgut
$ sudo ksh
# vi /etc/passwd
# getent passwd testgut
$ echo ~testgut

The problem is that ksh has cached the meaning of ~testgut. I don't know a gentle way to make it refresh. So I do this...
$ exec ksh
$ echo ~testgut

The "exec ksh" gives me a freshly started copy of ksh.

Also, any program can do what ksh did. You may be using some other program that has a private cache. There may be some way built in to handle a refresh. Or maybe you need to restart it entirely as I did with ksh.
# 11  
Old 08-13-2014
I use bash as my shell. Bash is similar to ksh.
# 12  
Old 08-14-2014
Please also ensure you have
persistent  passwd  no

in /etc/nscd.conf!
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