Attempting to use AutoYaST with SLES11SP2

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Operating Systems Linux SuSE Attempting to use AutoYaST with SLES11SP2
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Old 04-17-2013
Attempting to use AutoYaST with SLES11SP2

We currently have a setup with SLES11SP1 where we have an AutoYaST ISO set up for automated network installs. I'm attempting to port this to SP2 to make new installs current, but I'm running into a few problems. The process seems the same, and after running mkisofs to build a new SP2 ISO the install goes a point.

During the install we have a central server that holds several pieces of configuration, such as for syslog and other internal services, plus a script that pushes installs of management software onto machines. None of this is being executed successfully. The script appears to be attempting to run but for some reason there isn't a network connection and the files aren't pulled. Manual configuration, such as adding defined users, works just fine. It's just the file pulls and remote script executions that are failing.

I think it's a network issue because I'm seeing some of the configuration files pulled in /tmp, but they're all empty files. I've added this line to the template that AutoYaST calls in its boot-time configuration with no effect:
<keep_install_network config:type="boolean">true</keep_install_network>
within the <networking> section.

I also want to point out that the SP1 stuff works just fine, so this is not a firewall or network connection issue beyond the server. The same server, same IP and everything has been used recently to grab a SP1 install with success.
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