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Old 11-26-2004
Question Linux & External USB Modems

Hello There,

I can understand that this is a classic problem with linux that it does not support even the hardware external modems. I have recently tried a USR External USB v 92 Modem (Model USR 5636). It has got its own DSP @56 Mhz, flash ram of 256 KBs and a EEPROM for upgrading the firmware.

With all these specifications, it is not even recognized by Red Hat Linux 9, Mandrake 10 and Fedora 2.

Has anybody tried this model before? If yes, is there any workaround to make it work under linux.

I would be very thankful for any response.

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Old 11-26-2004

If the modem was build before june 2003, stop looking, it wont work. See:

It's probably a Winmodem(tm, owned by US Robotics), and if so, now would be a good time to start shopping for a better modem.

For future reference:
and check your favorite distro's harware support pages:

If on the other hand it IS NOT a winmodem, I wont be able to help you, sorry.

Good Luck,

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