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Touchpad not working - SuSE 8.2 - Toshiba Satellite A30

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Operating Systems Linux SuSE Touchpad not working - SuSE 8.2 - Toshiba Satellite A30
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Touchpad not working - SuSE 8.2 - Toshiba Satellite A30

Hi all,

I have a bit of an inexplicable problem....

Up until today, on my Toshiba Satellite A30 Laptop running SuSE 8.2 Professional, I had a dual mouse (USB Mouse / Touchpad) configuration in X and everything was running fine.

I booted the laptop today, and for some reason unbeknownst to me, the touchpad has stopped working.

Now.... it isn't a "hardware" issue. If I restart the X server, the Touchpad works UNTIL I move the USB mouse. Then the touchpad refuses to do anything.

If I log into KDE, and launch YaST2 Mouse config, selecting the PS2 mouse (i.e the touchpad) works whilst I'm testing it, but as soon as I apply it, bam, it stops working again.

All the while this is going on the USB mouse is working fine.

I have spent all afternoon inside vi fiddling around with XF86Config, but nothing seems to get things back the way they were.

Now... I have not done anything (to my knowledge) that should have messed things up. I have reverted to a backup XF86Config that was DEFINITELY working before, and the Touchpad still refuses to work. I have re-read the "Second Mouse in XFree86" HOWTO, and my settings are fine. I have booted with a "stock" SuSE kernel and the same problem is there. So if it isn't hardware and it isn't XF86Config, then WTF is it?!?!?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, because the laptop will soon be going out of the window!

Cheers all,
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If you are going to send it out the window, let me know when and where - I'll catch it before it hits the ground and have a new laptop!

Don't know if this will help or not but my touchpad kept interfering with my work - and I could not find where to turn it off - finally got some help from a co-worker - there is a BIOS setting for pointing device that needed to be changed - of course, this was on a DELL so I'm not postive if it will help or not. Worth checking out. If not, then I'll be hanging around your window!
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Oy! Get away from my window! Smilie

Well, I thought it might be a loose connection, but a couple of screws on the bottom are "threaded" by the previous owner, so I can't get inside to take a look.

I don't think this is the case, however, as it will work for a couple of seconds after starting X - but as soon as you "leave the touchpad alone" for a few seconds - it refuses to work anymore.

It is stupid because it worked for months previously. Aaaaaaaarghhhhh!!

I think I'm just gonna have to get use to using the USB mouse.

Bad luck RTM!!

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There is a keyboard combination on a Toshiba laptop - "Fn + F9".

What does this combination do? "ENABLE TOUCHPAD"

I feel like such a "user", LOL

That'll teach me to not read the manual.

ZB Smilie Smilie Smilie

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