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Add Static Routes to new physical address

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Operating Systems Solaris Add Static Routes to new physical address
# 1  
Power Add Static Routes to new physical address

I need help to add new route:, GW to e1000g1
and, GW to e1000g2

# 2  
#cd /etc/rc2.d
#vi S99staticroute
Add the following line
route add
route add

# 3  
tnx, but how do you know which one is for interface e1000g1 and which one for e1000g2?

# 4  
plumb the ip using ifconfig command for e1000g0 and g1.
then touch the /etc/hostname.e1000g0 and g1. put the IP/hostname of that interface inside the file
# 5  
tThanks alot.


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