shell problem for root

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Network shell problem for root

i was just playing with my x86 machine with solaris10 on it
what i hated was whenever i started my new terminal it started with sh shell
so i changed it to bash by changing the last value in /etc/passwd to/sbin/bash
and then i logged out and started again BBUT it said no login shell
i tried from cmd line also but in vain please somebody help me ASAP Smilie

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path to bash is:


enter the correct path in /etc/passwd and try again...
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Power how to solve root login shell problem

thnks for the help my problem is solved by using single mode and i have change the shell back to sh using the post Solaris 9 login problem
Thou i will do the above process again by using /usr/bin/bash and tell u again about the succes

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can u pls tell me the path of sh
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another que why do we need two dir in solaris 10 as /home and /export/home thou the latter is mounted with slice7 by default and /home is kept alone any body has a reason for this
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Originally Posted by tiwsaj
another que why do we need two dir in solaris 10 as /home and /export/home thou the latter is mounted with slice7 by default and /home is kept alone any body has a reason for this
/home is a autofs directory! have a look at /etc/auto_home and /etc/auto_master. also read the solaris documentation that can be found at Sun Microsystems Documentation

btw. please stop writing in "punk" style. you've accepted the rules of!
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/home is a directory used by the automounter to mount the real home directories either remotely from an NFS home server or locally if there is no need to share the home between machines. /export as its name suggests is meant to be shared on the network.

If you use a standalone configuration, you might disable the automounter by commenting out the /home line in /etc/auto_master and then use /home directly.
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