cannot access to internet , help

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Operating Systems Solaris cannot access to internet , help
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Old 12-25-2008
cannot access to internet , help

hi experts
i have a sun Enterprise 220 R server with solaris 10 and patches , i configured network card with ip addresses that have access to Internet but i can't be connected Smilie

for same informations :

root@E220R # ifconfig -a

lo0: flags=2001000849<UP,LOOPBACK,RUNNING,MULTICAST,IPv4,VIRTUAL> mtu 8232 index 1
inet netmask ff000000
hme0: flags=1000843<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST,IPv4> mtu 1500 index 2
inet netmask ffff0000 broadcast
ether 8:0:20:c7:8a:d8

root@E220R # more /etc/defaultrouter

and the problem:

root@E220R # ping Google
ping: unknown host Google

what can i do ?
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Old 12-25-2008
check the IP of the DNS server

put those ip /etc/resolv.conf

vi /etc/resolv.conf
nameserver (example)

cp /etc/nsswitch.dns /etc/nsswitch.conf

svcadm enable /network/dns/server

ur done almost.

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Old 12-25-2008
Originally Posted by vishwanathhcl
svcadm enable /network/dns/server
this step isn't necessary unless you want to configure a dns server!
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Old 12-25-2008
if you have a dns server on your network, use that address in /etc/resolv.conf
echo "nameserver <dns_ip>" > /etc/resolv.conf

otherwise use your default route address.
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Old 12-31-2008
thank you every body
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Old 01-05-2009
summary: Linux or Solaris -You need to set-up your machine as a DNS client to be able to connect to the internet
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