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How do I determine the hard drives in /dev/dsk in OpenSolaris?

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How do I determine the hard drives in /dev/dsk in OpenSolaris?

I have a Solaris machine running OpenSolaris v5.11.

It came with a hard drive. It's called /dev/dsk/c4d0s0.

I added two new hard drives into the box. I can't figure out what it's called in /dev/dsk. There are 210 filenames in /dev/dsk.

How do I find out which filename corresponds to the 2 hard drives I just added?

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Thanx DukeNuke2. Can I ask another question?

I found the disks that show the names of the new disks.

Q1) I need to format the disks. When I specify the disk to format, "format" asks me the number of data cylinders? How do I go about finding the data cylinders for a disk?

Q2) The entries in /dev/dsk show names like:




The disk names are the first 4 characters. Are the last two charters, such as s0 or p1 the partition names?

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