xbrowser and telnet

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Operating Systems Solaris xbrowser and telnet
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Power xbrowser and telnet

My server clients are using xbrowser for connectivity, I want to give access to some clients via xbrowser and for the remaining I want that they use only telnet. Is there any way to restrict xbroswer access for some clients?
Any quick help will be appreciated.
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deny 179
access 23
# 3  

deny 177 //X windows
# 4  
Thanks, Coologin, if I use the above will it block the access of all xbrowser? if yes, then please tell me another way. Because I want to give access to some clients via xbrowser and to some via telnet. Is it possible to restrict them on IP. I am a new bee to solaris, if I asked some thing stupid, please don;t mind. Secondly if posible tell me a site where step by step instructions are available.
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