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Windows emulator on Solaris machine

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Operating Systems Solaris Windows emulator on Solaris machine
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Old 12-15-2008
Java Windows emulator on Solaris machine

Hello together,

in our German company we have buyed one English Windows XP version. Every one of us should have access to this windows installation. So we have reconsidered that we want to install this Windows on our SUN SPARC Solaris machine. It is only used for checking out licenses of our own tools and it has a lot of not used resources.
My idear was to install qemu on it. But I failed during istalling the SDL libraries on Solaris.
Do you have an idear how to install qemu? Or do you have a better emulator?

With thanks for your efforts and best regards,


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Old 12-15-2008
I can't think of any emulator that will do what yo are trying to do on SPARC. It would probably cover your cost in hours spent to get an x86 machine for the purpose and install Solaris and virtualbox on it, then install windows in the virtualbox.
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Old 12-16-2008

OK thank you. I feared this answer.

Best regards,


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