How to identifying the network card ?

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Operating Systems Solaris How to identifying the network card ?
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Old 12-15-2008
How to identifying the network card ?

Hi Experts,

Can we use some command from unix to find the available network interface? I did tried

# prtdiag |grep network
Its listing following, however how can I decide the which vender card is attached

pci 66 MB pci108e,1648 (network)
okay /pci@1f,700000/network@2
pci 66 MB pci108e,1648 (network)
okay /pci@1f,700000/network@2,1
pci 66 MB pci108e,1648 (network)
okay /pci@1d,700000/network@2
pci 66 MB pci108e,1648 (network)
okay /pci@1d,700000/network@2,1
e.g. if its hme , bge or some thing else

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Old 12-15-2008
ifconfig -a

Before anyone touches a UNIX based system are 10 commands they should know, this is one of them.

ms. stevi
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Old 12-15-2008
Thanks stevi

I am aware about the above option, any thing else apart from this!
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Old 12-15-2008
prtconf |grep -i net
from the system's ok> prompt, you may try to perform a "watch-net-all" to test the cards as well
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Old 12-15-2008
Thanks incredible!

# prtconf |grep -i net
network, instance #0
network, instance #1
network, instance #2
network, instance #3

Is only listing the number of network instance ia m looking for some thing like bge, hme .
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Old 12-15-2008
grep net /etc/path_to_inst

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Old 12-15-2008
Originally Posted by dangral
grep net /etc/path_to_inst

That doesn't always work, I can't remember which type of device cause a problem but I do recall not finding all my devices on some boxes.

With Solaris 10 or later
dladm show-dev

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