Config reader module in Sun MC Agent not work in E2900

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Operating Systems Solaris Config reader module in Sun MC Agent not work in E2900
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Config reader module in Sun MC Agent not work in E2900

Hi men,

Have you ever meet this error ?

I install full Sun MC 4.0 packages (+ Add ons) exception of Sun Midrange Platform Administration because i don't know how to configure it

Then all other servers are ok, only E2900 servers have Config reader module error: Data Acquisition error

I still haven't patches but all others are OK. Smilie

Please comment me ...

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Check in this forum. Might be useful
Sun Management Center - Halcyon Forums
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For Solaris 8 and 9 systems:

% /etc/init.d/picld stop

% /etc/init.d/picld start

For Solaris 10 systems:

% svcadm restart svc:/system/picl:default
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of course i did but nothing change
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Is your OS patched with the latest patch cluster? Whats your kernel patch level?
# 6  
I didn't check.

There must be some thing error, between E2900 server and SunMC 4.0 because other servers on that site are Ok
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Impt thing... so far you did not tell us what Solaris version you're running.. and its release.. This is very crucial to analyse the cause

#uname -a
#cat /etc/release
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