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real memory consumption of a process

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Operating Systems Solaris real memory consumption of a process
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real memory consumption of a process


pmap, prstat and ps gives the RSS which is shared memory.

I need to know the consumption of real memory. how to do that?

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"pmap -x" gives a detailed view of memory usage, both physical and virtual.

What do you mean "real memory" ?
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For a "top like" view you can compile Sysstat. (its easy with Sun Studio, its enough to unpack this in a shared directory an set the path tempor..
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pmap -x gives in my case for a single process 28.034.732 Kb.

The memory has 32G of RAM. So this 28G should be share memory...

I need to know the real size of memory consumed...
# 5  
Can you post the output of that "pmap -x" ?

Additionally, can you post the output of these commands too:
swap -l
swap -s
vmstat 2 2
ps -edfly | sort -rn +8 | head

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